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The Median Household incomes by city, http://statchatva.org/2015/11/23/northern-virginia/

Crystal City, Virginia is located at the top of Virginia near Alexandria and Arlington, in the dark green area. Which means the area has the highest median average household income in the state at over $150,000. 1

Amazon stated they did want a larger city with a metropolitan area nearby with a million residents with room to expand into a larger city. Crystal City was a good fit for this because it has spent the majority of its existence attempting to grow larger and of more importance. Within this growth it has attracted higher income households and has edged out lower income areas. Before Amazon HQ2, Crystal City was already an affluent, wealthy area with natural means to expand. Amazon HQ2 is adding millions to infrastructure and drastically changing the economic landscape of Northern Virginia. These economic changes were given to Crystal City because it was part of Virginia’s bid, not another county or city. Virginia should have offered up a lower income area, still close to the D.C. area and offer to Amazon to raise that city up to be its own.

However, the business and new jobs will benefit all Virginians due to the state receiving more money from taxes. Virginia did offer a tax incentives and employee incentives to Amazon in order to host HQ2, but compared to other states Virginia did have lower tax incentives therefore this project will benefit all Virginians.2 The benefits will primarily be seen in already affluent areas since Crystal City will receive the majority of the new jobs, this includes all jobs going into the project not just those who will work at the company. Yet, Crystal City will need to make sure its housing market can sustain and house lower-income families and people who are working in the restaurants and entertainment of the capitalistic playground. 3

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