Meet Me!

Me with my dog, Brody

My name is Caperton Beirne and I am from Richmond, VA. I am 20 years old and a current junior at University of Mary Washington. I have a dog named Brody and I am a member of the field hockey team at Mary Washington. I am currently pursuing a double major in American Studies and Political Science. My focus is in American politics and government. I hope to use my degrees to work in and around politics, maybe with a non-profit in the future.

My interest in politics and history come from where I grew up in Richmond. I grew up close to the city with a history rich environment for me to explore starting at a young age. This allowed me to question and explore history while also thinking about the future. This upbringing drew me towards the American Studies course of study which would allow me to combine these thoughts into a major and a passion to learn.

My project is looking into why Amazon is building its second headquarters in Virginia. This is combining looking and questioning the past and its projected future. Amazon HQ2 combines history and politics along with social and economic issues in the state of Virginia.

If you wish to contact me please do so at